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Team Oversliders

Every great story has a humble beginning…

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Team Oversliders started in 2006 as an unofficial hobby enthusiast group made up of members, Terrence a.k.a. Option T or SDF, John a.k.a Hero, Dave a.k.a Davematic, and Felix a.k.a SE3PRX8 or China Monkey.  Later Clement joined the team in 2007. The team was doing well and Option T was a real motivator in the Broward RC Drift scene in South Florida until the 2008 recession effected a lot of RC drift enthusiasts.  The scene got quiet for a while.

In 2012, Clement decided it was time to get things rolling again.  Although it was not possible to reunite all of the original teammates, “Team Oversliders” was re-born thanks to the support of Fellow enthusiasts, Clement, and Felix who was already enjoying an active RC racing career.  Spreading the word was more possible because of this.

Early in 2014, Oversliders merged with a local team of drivers known as “Drift Firm”.  This decision was made due to the extensive driving time both teams shared together and the amazing bond among teammates.  After this fusion, Oversliders  became “Team Oversliders”.  In early 2016, Team Oversliders had some teammates move onto other projects.

Although Team Oversliders has changed over time, the essence of driving for the sake of driving continues to be the essence of the team’s spirit.  Team Oversliders believes that more important than any competition-wins, RC drfit is an art that should be experienced to be understood.  It is a beautiful sport which requires engineering and artistic aptitude, as well as patience to acquire strong technical driving skills.

Today, our team enjoys creating driving opportunities for RC drift enthusiasts enjoy.  We enjoy building friendly relationships with other RC drifters that share our passion and that wish to progress the hobby.  We believe that to help the hobby maintain its purity and art, we must contribute to the hobby by maintaining positive relationships with fellow drivers and teams as well as share the knowledge we acquired over our years of driving.  No matter what level drivers are at, there is always room for improvement and we do not let experience get in the way of humility.

So there you have it!  We look forward to running our cars sideways with you.  We organize events periodically so keep in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting this blog page.

Thanks for reading and Happy Drifting!

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