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Who is Oversliders Drift Works

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Clement Travert is a French import from Cholet.  Growing up in the countryside of France offered the scenic beauty that inspired him to dream big.  His father, a known biker rebel with an eye for design, was also influential in developing Clement’s eye for beauty, while his mother influenced the ethical requirements of being a good citizen of the world.

Clement studied industrial design in France and became active in the local RC drift scene in 2005, just when it made its appearance there.  He immediately fell in love with the hobby.  After arriving to the United States, Clement worked as a designer for an engineering firm that further enhanced his love of building and designing complex systems.  At the same time, the scene was beginning to make a stronger appearance in South Florida which he made his home.

In 2014, at the advice of his long-time partner and self-proclaimed motorhead, Lynn Moscoso, Clement started his drift works business making 3D custom parts for RC drift enthusiasts.  Lynn, a creative mind all her own, thought it was time to bring Clement’s designs to life to share with fellow enthusiasts.  After the usual ups and downs of starting a small business, Oversliders Drift Works found that it was here to stay.

Currently, Clement and Lynn live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with their daughter, Rogue, and their feline masters.  Neighborhood cats, iguanas, birds, dogs, and international gypsies are known to frequent their home regularly.  The Clement-Moscoso family are proud community activists for social justice who never stop dreaming about world peace.

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