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Electronic Speed Controllers and Motors

Luxon Agile – More Punch, Smarter Package

It’s been a while since I reviewed a new product, but rejoice because today I bring you an in depth article on the new Acuvance motor, the Luxon Agile. To better put things in perspective I figured i’d bring it’s predecessor, the Luxon BS Dual which has been the flagship motor for a while now, […]

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The Acuvance Instructional “basically” video

I just filmed this video to cover all the technical aspect of the Acuvance Airia. In this video I say the word basically a lot, but I do give you a lot of details on how to achieve just about anything with the unit and the TAO II. Basically, if you can tolerate the word […]

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Acuvance TAO II Aggressive Drive Effector – The Future of RC Motor-Programming is HERE!!!

           The wait is over, my friends. Acuvance announced the news a few months back and the dream is finally a reality.  The TAO II is finally here and I am here to share with you what the commotion is all about. I hope this article will open your eyes about what the TAO II really is and […]

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Acuvance Chevalier Capacitor Series – The Power Cap Slap!

Along with their buttery smooth ESCs and motors, Acuvance offers us a series of high quality capacitors called Chevaliers (which means knights in French), but what do they exactly do? In this article I will be explaining what are their purpose and benefits. So first of, what are capacitors? Power Capacitors are used to store power […]

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Acuvance Tachyon Airia & TAO programming card – First Impressions and Reputation Count!

The Acuvance Tachyon Airia; the famous ESC used by many Japanese drifters. What is the hype around this ESC? Well luckily for you (and me), I had the chance to try this system by testing this product extensively during the past 3 weeks. So today, I will try to give you the best explanation of my experience […]

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