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Yeah Racing D4 Conversion Kit – First Impression (Part 1)

What’s up guys! So for today, I am going to go over the newly released Yeah Racing Sakura D4 conversion kit with all the fancy alloy bits and pieces. Since the kit brings a ton of parts, this is only going to be part 1 of the article where I will cover the parts, their […]

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Usukani KPI Knuckles: King Pin Inclination Gold!

So I have been testing the Usukani KPI knuckle for quite a while now and wanted to fill in all the naysayers out there. This knuckle is, for now, the best thing I’ve tested so far in the KPI world! Let me elaborate: This knuckle brings everything you need, whether you are AWD, CS, or […]

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Usukani: Breaking the “Made in China” stigma!

Today I wanted to write an article a bit out of the normal product review I usually give you guys. It’s about a brand as a whole. Now, if you have been around social media in the past month, I’m sure you¬†already know which brand I talking about. I’m talking of course about Usukani. Usukani […]

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