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Chassis Feature: D-Like Re-R Hybrid

about two years ago I acquired one of the most hyped up chassis on the market at the time, a Re-R Hybrid Weight Shift Master.

The original release sold like hot cakes and it became near impossible to purchase the damn car. At the time, nobody had a clue if D-Like was going to ever produce the chassis again, due to the fact they limited production to 250 units.
It became clear the only option to get one were to either pay high premium for the ones left, or hunt for a used one, which would be very unlikely to show up at this point.

However, I ended up being one lucky SOB and stumbled upon a “for sale” post on an Australian RC group on Facebook. Someone was taking a hiatus and getting rid of their chassis, one of them being a first release Re-R, number #157 to be exact. I jumped right on it and had it shipped to Florida to enjoy the Weight Shift goodness.

This chassis was originally sold in black with white carbon, and of course my dumb self could not keep that stock and had the whole thing reanodized and purchased the carbon deck and slide rack from the infamous Carb-D man, Manuel.

But enough talking, I let you enjoy the pictures.

A cool thing to note about this chassis is most of the running gears are based on the Yokomo Drift Package so compatibility between diffs is spot on.

Eventually I ended up sticking to shorty layout far back and this has proven to be the best setup for the chassis so far. Here is the final form.

Current chassis setup is:

Chassis upgrades: Carb-D upper/lower deck, Carb-D Slide Rack, Overdose servo holder, Overdose bumper plate V2
Motor: Acuvance Luxon Agile 10.5
ESC: Acuvance Xarvis
Capacitor: Acuvance Chevalier Master, COA5G(x2), Acutron
Servo: Yeah Racing Hackagear
Gyro: D-Like Premium
Rx: Sanwa RX482
Battery: Oversliders shorty 4600mah 100C
Rear Diff: Yokomo Gear Diff w/ #50k oil

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