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Oversliders Wheels New Upcoming Models!

So you probably have seen them on Instagram a few weeks ago, but I have been working on some new designs of custom wheel faces for StreeJam barrels.

I had to outsource the dye to Shapeways for now until my SLA printer shows up in the coming month.
I’ve been super excited about this as it opens a new chapter to the Oversliders printing capabilities.
I aspire to be able to provide you with parts in similar fashion to Shogun Workshop and the like  with my own twist.

But for now let’s look at the new models that will be cast fairly soon.

Model: Starlight // Inspiration: Work Euroline SL

Model: Exec // Inspiration: Work euroline Type DH

Model: Dandelion // Inspiration: Unknown

Model: Strainer // Inspiration: VIP Modular

Model: Swirl // Inspiration: VIP Modular

Model: SubZero // Inspiration: Trafficstar

Model: Winter // Inspiration: Fifteen52

Model: Asphalt // Inspiration: Fifteen52

Model: Squid // Inspiration: Weds

Model: Torque // Inspiration: Muscle

Model: Futura // Inspiration: Unknown

And missing in pictures are another set based on the work euroline Type N faces which should look killer on VIP shells.
Since there is a lot of different models, it will take a little while to get all of them into production so updated will be posted later via our facebook page and instagram so stay tuned!

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