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Luxon Agile – More Punch, Smarter Package

It’s been a while since I reviewed a new product, but rejoice because today I bring you an in depth article on the new Acuvance motor, the Luxon Agile.

To better put things in perspective I figured i’d bring it’s predecessor, the Luxon BS Dual which has been the flagship motor for a while now, and do a bit of a comparison between the two.


It’s a known fact that Acuvance motors have some of the smoothest feel on the market, and it was difficult for me to imagine any major increase in that department on the new Agile, because let’s face it “How much smoother can you possibly get?”. Well the answer is “EVEN SMOOTHER!”
But before I go over some test data let’s appreciate the beauty of the new Agile, and checkout the form/function improvement that have been made.

As you can see by the screws on the front bell, the construction of the motor is back to a split can design similar to the KG motor, but still boast the clean black anodizing, machining, and laser etching in true Acuvance fashion. We surely won’t be complaining about this because it is gorgeous.
The can itself has a lot more vent holes than before to provide more cooling, which will help when running a little bit (or a lot) of boost in your tune (insert evil emoji right here).

First improvement, the motor comes with bullet connector straight from the box. This used to be an option on the BS Dual which was hard to get in the states unless you ordered directly from overseas. No more struggle getting them soldered on, hooray!
The second thing you can notice is that the motor is actually slightly shorter, which will help a tad with weight distribution, but also keep things tight and tidy.

The front face machining is very reminiscing of the Overdose//Acuvance collab motor that came out late 2015 with an added groove which will also promote cooling towards the front bearing area. But besides added cooling, it definitely adds some character to the motor.

The timing adjustment cap is also improved with an added fin to to point out your advanced timing. This makes timing adjustment a breeze if you’re doing adjustment in a hurry or in low light. Also you will notice there are no more Philips screws!!! Thanks to everyone’s feedback, Acuvance switched to socket head cap screws which are far better. The amount of thread lock has also been dialed down to avoid stripping screw heads.

Another improvement to the back end bell is the addition of a second sensor port. If you have OCD and love wire tucking, this will make you happy.

Next change is the motor shaft. As you can see on the laser etching, the shafts are not called out by their dimension like on the BS Dual (12.3mm) but by level. This should be interesting and I am curious to see what level will be introduced later on. LV99 hopefully lol.
But with that said, let’s look at the internals.

Taking this motor apart is as easy as 1, 2, 3. It took me literally less than 5 second to open it. No binding of any kind except for the shaft which eventually will be attracted to the stator because of its magnetism as expected when you take a motor apart.

And finally, the part everyone is waiting for, the shaft.

The propeller seems to be identical to the previous one found on the BS Dual, however the magnet is slightly different. From looking at the markings, we still have a 12.3mm magnet like the BS Dual, but the magnet construction is different. At this point, I cannot explain the effect made by this change, but the cool factor is definitely there.

Now let’s go ahead and do a comparison of the motors on the bench.
For this I used my motor tester from G-Force to get basic readings. Both motors are 10.5T set as close to zero as possible in advance timing. The tester will be run using a fully charged lipo at about 8.4V.
First test I conducted was to make sure both timing were identical. In both cases, I got an average of 2 degrees. Then I will test KV/RPM/A. And finally the noise test.
Let’s take a look at the results.

As you can see, the KV rating are a lot higher in the Agile, and of course everything else follows. Higher RPM and slightly higher amp draw. The take away from that is that you will definitely feel more power even though the motors are both 10.5T. This will definitely be an advantage in sanctioned competition like let’s say the Worlds in the Netherlands. Their limitation will be a 10.5 so a bit extra KV will come handy to catch up to the lead car.
As for the noise, it’s actually a bit less noisy, but in a good way. I know a few of you love the boost noise and will think it’s not going to sound as impressive but you would be wrong to think that way.
From the test I conducted, it does not sound less noisy but more clear and clean. Think of it as a balanced V12 vs a rough V8 noise. The V8 is nice, loud and powerful but not as refined as the V12 who sound mechanically in tune with everything else. This is exactly the case with the Agile vs BS Dual. The BS is your powerful V8 and the Agile is the refined V12. Both have outstanding performance stats, but you can tell the Agile has been refined to the exotic level.

How did that translate in terms of driving? Well believe it or not, it made the throttle smoother and make my chassis feel more fluid to drive. I guess you can say the added smoothness gave me this false sense of confidence and it was actually easier to get back on the throttle after throwing the car in long sweeps.
I ended up coupling the motor with an Acuvance Airia, the Master capacitor, COA5G balancer, and Acutron. Let’s just say the results were fantastic and I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth things.

Bottom line, I think the Luxon Agile is definitely in a class of it’s own when it comes to smooth operation. This fact alone makes it a must have for drifters of all levels.
Add to this all the small improvements made the construction and ease of maintenance, it makes it impossible for me to see myself run anything else.
Yes, the price tag slightly increased from the previous motor, but hey, you get what you pay for, and when the product exceed your expectations, that is money well spent in my book.

Hats off to Acuvance for always improving an already winning product.
To get yours, make sure to visit www.acuvance-usa.com and enjoy the smoothness.

Thanks for reading.



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