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We’re going Carbon!

So with the ever evolving 3D printing technology, I have seen a lot of new filament showing up in the market.
And of course, carbon fiber infused ABS has been on my list of things to try for a while.
Well I finally pulled the trigger and will be testing some ColorFabb XT-CF20 filament on some upcoming parts.
This will require a few upgrades to our current machine to make sure we can use it on the long haul but it will be very worthwhile.

Source: http://colorfabb.com/

Now keep in mind this is not a full fledged carbon fiber single strand but a chopped carbon fiber infused into an ABS plastic.
But do not let this fool you, this material has been tested and is estimated to be twice as stiff as PLA plastic which will make it perfect for shock tower application or even bulkheads.
So with that said, I’m curious to hear from you what kind of parts you look forward to see made out of this material. Feel free to drop a comment below and we will make sure to look into what the most sought after item.

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