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Usukani KPI Knuckles: King Pin Inclination Gold!

So I have been testing the Usukani KPI knuckle for quite a while now and wanted to fill in all the naysayers out there. This knuckle is, for now, the best thing I’ve tested so far in the KPI world!20151031_143340

Let me elaborate:
This knuckle brings everything you need, whether you are AWD, CS, or RWD, which no aftermarket knuckle has done yet in one single package.
See Usukani was smart and provided two sets of outdrives, two sets of bearings, and a bearing adapter ring that allows for easy swap.
All you gotta do is choose your application and go!


All the bearings necessary, the two sets of AWD and RWD outdrives, and the bearing adapter.


The bearing adapter stays in place with the help of a small pin and set screw locking it all in place.20151031_143815


It goes without saying that I chose the RWD axles for my Bianca.
Now as for adjustment you can see pictures are worth a thousand words. There are more holes in these that in a freaking piece of Swiss cheese!!! The other great thing is the machined area is notched to guarantee maximum clearance at full lock. Even the adapter ring was notched so you really have no excuse not to have that insane 80 degree + leading wheel.


As shown in the brake caliper attachment is the small hole that the pin goes in to hold the bearing adapter. Don’t lose that set screw or you’ll be doomed!


in this pic, you can clearly see the notch in the adapter ring.

Now how do they compare to other knuckles?
Well let’s take a look at my other favorite knuckle on the market: the Active V2 Uprights.


Left: Active Hobby V2 uprights Right: Usukani KPI Knuckle


Left/Right: Usukani KPI Knuckles Center: Active Hobby V2 uprights.

Size wise, the Usukani is much slimmer than the active counter-part. Every bit of aluminum that was not necessary was shaved off and guarantee a very lightweight product, but here is the interesting thing. Despite being so narrow, they still managed to add two extra holes on top and bottom thus gaving  30% more adjustability.


The final result once assembled. Pretty sweet, ain’t it?


Now with that said, there is one thing worth mentioning in the cons section: the retaining set screw…
The reason behind this is that it looks like a M1.5 set screw which is the tiniest thing ever. Furthermore, the allen key to tighten this booger is a 0.9 hex, which I did not have at the time of building these.
This ultimately led to me loosing one of the screws while drifting, but driver rejoice! this can be fixed by simply using a small M1.5 socket head cap screw instead. This allows to jump from the uncommon 0.9 hex to a 1.5 hex which is use to adjust the set screws found in pinion gears.
Here is a quick clip of them in action the day I lost the screw lol.

Raw footage of the Usukani knuckles and lower control arms in action on my HIKOtech Bianca. I'll have to fine shoot for more angle to really push these to the limit.Right now this is mu daily tune for Drift Lab CircuitI am also running the Usukani 7.25 springs in the front and 10.25 in the rear.

Posted by Clement Travert on Sunday, November 1, 2015

To top it off, these knuckles go for a street price around $40 which, considering all that is included, is a pretty sweet deal. They come in every common anodized color.
These knuckles made me get rid of my current Active Hobby ones and I’m currently contemplating the idea of shoving them in all my chassis.
This proves us that, once again, Usukani means business and should not be compared to other chinese brands out there pumping out quantity over quality.
I highly suggest everyone, on all level, to give them a shot, you won’t be disapointed 😉

Final Grade: A+


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