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Usukani: Breaking the “Made in China” stigma!

Today I wanted to write an article a bit out of the normal product review I usually give you guys. It’s about a brand as a whole.
Now, if you have been around social media in the past month, I’m sure you already know which brand I talking about.
I’m talking of course about Usukani.


Usukani saw the light in 2014 and is a company based out of Shantou, China operating under the Kinso Hobby Technology company. Now, unlike a lot of Chinese brands, Usukani has a different mindset than your average RC part company. After reaching out to Victor Wong, their lead designer for the brand, he explained to me that their goal is to show that China can offer some top RC Drift products, with outstanding quality, all while remaining humble to keep on learning and innovating instead of copying existing designs.


Shortly after, Victor offered me the opportunity to test and review their products. So I picked up their brochure and started inspecting what they had to offer. Their lineup is looking sharp for a company that has been in business for only a year. So far it consist of a rather inovative KPI knuckle set, some upper and lower control arms with easy length adjustment, some cool turnbuckles “tubes”, a complete FXX drivetrain conversion, a Sakura D4 carbon conversion kit, damper upgrade parts, and a magnet mount system. Each design is proprietary to the company and boast some pretty interesting details worth mentioning.


The first thing that struck me was that they offer the entire color spectrum of anodized colors, which is great news for the people seeking rare colors like Pink or Gold (Finally someone thought about us :D). Furthermore, the quality of the anodizing is one of the highest I have seen coming out of China. Each colors match perfectly to Tamiya and Yokomo blue, MST red and purple, and even Topline/3Racing pink.
The second thing I noticed was that each design offers tons of adjustment and can be used on pretty much any chassis (aside of the FXX and D4 products).
Their control arms offer both 2.5 and 3mm pin options and are using an adjustable M4 screw cup surely inspired by what D-Like does on their RE-R Hybrid upper arms, and the KPI knuckle allow for the use of both RWD and AWD CVD “spindle” by adding a small aluminum sleeve. But I’m saving you the details for now as I will do a more thorough inspection in another post.


Now I’m sure you’re wondering “ok great it’s pretty and colorful, but what about the machining quality?”.
Well it’s just as good as your top Japanese alloy brands. It’s seriously that good! I have not found any sharp edges, or burrs inside a tapped hole, or any kind of machining defect. The only thing I had to complain about was my idiot self loosing one of the set screw for the knuckle and it was so small I couldn’t find it.


Now I have been rocking Usukani products on my main chassis (Hikotech Bianca) for over a month and a half and so far everything is still intact and well, hence why I felt the need to write this article.
I think it is clear that Usukani is slowly achieving their goals of conquering the hearts of many RC drift enthusiast around the globe. Furthermore, I think it is safe to assume that with the current ingenious designs they are offering, we can expect some awesome mind blowing parts. Make sure to save some of your Christmas money to invest in some of their goodies 😉 and don’t be shy, these products are definitely worth their cost.

So far, their products are available through a handful of sellers in the US but I’m sure this is about to change very soon when the demand grows.
In the meantime, the guys at Drift Lab Circuit are already stocking up so make sure to contact them if you need anything.



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