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M’s Damper Build (Part 2)


Remember these guys? Well they are back with some slight changes.

Unfortunately, I recently ran into some issues with the first gen M’s lower seals so I contacted Raikou to get a new set for replacement and to my surprise they released some new seals (kinda lead me to believe the original ones were failing prematurely). I had to give you an update on how they performed and how they differed from the V1.


for starter, the entire construction is now made out of PTFE which guarantees less friction on the shock shafts. Second, the  shaft guide piece has been redesigned to center itself a little better since it has one step on each side. Last thing, a new metallic shim has been added for a more precise setting of the assembly. If there is too much friction on the shaft, you can remove the shim to relieve the smaller o-ring’s compression and you can feel the shaft move more freely.


The two tops images show the old V1.0 lower seals. The bottom on is the new seal package.

I love working on dampers, but these can be tricky to work with because the o-rings are so small and so clear you can easily loose them if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing. In my case, I was working in my pit area at Drift Lab Circuit and the white table kinda messed with my eyes but I managed to build these suckers.


I also took this opportunity to change my pistons to (x3) 1mm holes, as well as the +2mm cylinders and +1.5mm shock shafts. The reason behind this was to get more kick up in the front to allow the car to be more dynamic. This kind of mod allows for faster acceleration, however the downfall is that I now have extra traction in the front at low speed, something I’m comfortable dealing with.


Last finishing touch was the oil I used.
I started looking around for oils softer than 100cst to experiment with faster rebound and rely more on the spring action.
I ended up with a 20cst blend (yes 20, not 200cst or 20wt) which is pretty much water. The reason behind this is I really like oilless damper but they tend to bind because of the lack of consistent lubrication, therefore such thin oil is perfect for super dynamic setup like this.


Bottom line, I went back into my original review of the lower seals and took the grade down a bit, while these new seals take over the hot spot.
I was very surprised at how smooth these made the dampers and it really helped me achieve smooth fast dampening. If you are looking at having a very dynamic chassis on somewhat flat surfaces, I think these are a must have. Hopefully I will be able to take a few slow mo video hoping over the asperities of the floor at drift lab and show some cool “guild n one” like moves in our next clip.

Final Grade: A

To get a set of these seals, contact Raikou Drift Shop in Tampa, FL as they are now the official US distributor for M’s Products.

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