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Oversliders Age of Acutron… wait wut?

What is it? what does it do? if you can’t see it how can you tell if it does something?

These are all the question I have been asked for the past two weeks since we got our first batch of Acuvance Acutron. So I’m going to try to explain in the simplest way possible what it is, and what it does.


Let’s start by what it is:
The Acutron is a photonic stabilizer. Its role is to be a magnet to static electricity on your car. It’s basically a magnet to electrical noise. These noise can be detrimental to your car handling as they can breakup the radio signal of you receiver to the rest of your electronics.
It very much look like a thin capacitor and plugs on your negative battery lead.


I soldered a 4mm bullet to plug mine right on my Oversliders dual bullet battery

What does it do:
The Acutron basically sucks in all this static electricity and noise and fuels it back to your battery negative lead. What that does is make your throttle and steering signal a lot cleaner therefore a lot smoother. But here is something that’s even greater, this static energy is released in the battery which actually improves your run time slightly as well! So better signal and more run time.
Lastly, the Acutron also does something that no other device does, which is to convert the photoelectric energy accumulated in your chassis and convey it back to the battery as well. The photoelectric theory is a bit hard to explain but if you wish to read more about it, here is a link that will tell you more.


The Acutron is about 1″ long


And about 1/4″thick. It also has about 2.5″/3″of wire ready to solder

What did we feel:
Well to put it in a simple way, it made everything smoother.
In my case, my throttle control became even smoother than it already was. During flicks, my steering movement is smoother and you do not get any of the twitch gyro often create in RWD cars.
In Lester’s case, his car throttle input got so smooth that he couldn’t drive once he removed the device. In his own words “the Acutron basically felt like bumping up your drive frequency on my Airia from 32Khz to 34 or 36Khz”.
I personally run mine over my servo and my steering never felt smoother, but the best way to run it on your car is in the dead center. You can also run multiple one at the same time, but If you happen to run two or more Acutron, the best way to run them is to place them in a symmetrical layout (left/right or front/back).


Here is my current setup on my Hikotech Bianca

Is it worth it?
I wouldn’t think of having a chassis without it. Acuvance really pushed the boundaries on the development of something that’s cutting edge. Furthermore, it is very well priced just below $40 depending on the source you get it from.
Lastly, this option will work on any chassis, with any power source (1, 2, 3, 4 cell etc…) this means that touring guys and buggy guys can use these puppies without any issues. Might even try it on drones while we’re at it. I wonder if FPV users will benefit from it.

You can purchase the Acutron from Acuvance-USA

Final Grade: A++

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