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Coming Soon – Yokomo DIB Weight Shift Mods!

Hello all!

After staying off the grid for a while doing all kinds of crazy things and trying to manage my time, I finally came up with some new weight shift mods for you all!


Behold the Yokomo DIB Top Weight Shift and Rear Weight Shift frames!

The top weight shift will require you to remove the pulley off of the tensioner and use only bearings pushing down on the belt. Extended stainless steel screw will be provided for the rear part, and countersunk screws will be supplied for the front part.


The rear mount is very simple and should accommodate most setup. It will be provided with new screws as well and will replace the small rear brace protecting the rear bulkhead.


Both mods will be available for purchase with or without the tray for previous tray owners, and you will have the choice between black, red, dark blue, or gray. I might consider picking up some gunmetal filament to try to match the Yokomo Gunmetal.

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