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M’s Damper Build (Part 1)

So I’ve had my M’s dampers for quite a while now and here is what I learned after a few trial and errors.


First of, let me start by saying that I absolutely love these dampers. I have had them on my Bianca for a couple weeks and the driving experience on this chassis has been awesome. They are very similar in specs to Tamiya TRF dampers except they have multiple options for body size, rod length, pistons, and so on. This make these dampers some of the most flexible dampers out there.


Here is how I chose to build mine:

for the base damper I used two of the MP-21 kits. Compared to TRFs they are identical length to their standard dampers. It wasn’t the best choice as I could have used the cylinders along with the shaft and diaphragm, but my good friends at Raikou Drift Shop hooked it up so I bought the whole package.


I then used the 6 hole piston kit MP-0566 with 0.6mm hole openings, however I redrilled these to 3/64″ for faster valving.


The beauty of these pistons is that they use o-rings on the piston’s edge maximizing the efficiency of the dampening.
One thing to note with these dampers is that the factory valving with the 6 holes pistons was way too slow for what I was looking for on carpet.
These might be suitable for surface like sealed concrete or other hard surfaces, but carpet requires a certain dynamic that you just can’t neglect.


You are also provided with shims to make sure the whole assembly is snug and doesn’t throw off your dampening.

Another upgrade I chose to use was the damper lower guide MP-04D which uses an aluminum sleeve and a smaller o-ring system to prevent play of the suspension shaft, and ultimately leakage of the lower seals.


I dabbed the o-rings in silicon oil to ensure a proper seal was created when inserted in the bottom of the shocks.


Lastly for the colored caps, I used the Topline engraved caps and adjustment nuts TP-13PK & TP-16P. M’s dampers use the same dimension specs as TRF so color changing kit match perfectly.


And “voila!”, a neat set of pink M’s ultra smooth dampers!
As for the oil, I currently run 500cst upfront and 350cst coupled to Vertex RC Variable blue springs upfront and MST super soft 32mm orange/yellow springs in the rear. All this slapped on the Hikotech Bianca seems to be the best compromise between speed and agility.

As far as price, they are above your average TRF shocks, however the dampening feels far superior to the Tamiya counterpart, therefore justifying the extra expense. Note that you can always piece a kit together and end up building them for cheaper than I did. To source M’s products, make sure to contact Raikou Drift Shop online to get the best rates

Final Result: B+ (updated 11/23/15)
Check part 2 with new lower seals (coming soon)

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