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Breaking From The Mold: How To Cut Out Your New Body Properly

You’ve finished waiting for weeks, maybe even months for your new body to finally reach your doorstep. You might be eager to pop open the box, grab some scissors, and start hacking away. Patience, however, is the key to a well crafted realistic looking body. So before you get started, take a second to read as I explain how to properly remove a body from its mold.


The most important part of taking the body out of the mold is to get crisp, clean, flowing lines throughout the entire body. This is a constant battle, but it all starts with having the right tools for the job. What you will need is just an exacto knife hobby blade.


You may be wondering why there are so many blades. It’s not because I was bullied in middle school. It’s because every time I cut out a new body, I always use a brand new fresh blade. The reason is simple, these things work like magic when they’re sharp, but can ruin your entire body if they’re dull.

This picture below is meant to demonstrate how a blade may appear to be sharp, but on the very tip – the part that you will be scoring with – it’s actually quite dull.


So the way you’ll be “cutting” the body out of the mold is by using a technique called scoring. Essentially, you will be lightly cutting the surface of the plastic without going all the way through. This will weaken the plastic along just that line and then you can simply bend or pull to break it the rest of the way.



See how amazingly clean that line is? Now maybe you would prefer to use scissors, but allow me to dissuade you.


As you cut with scissors, the plastic is being pulled apart at the end of every cut. The result is a very ugly cut when viewed up close.



Using the scoring technique, you can very carefully trace the entire body to ensure perfectly crisp lines every time.


Once the score has been made, simply bend or tear along the line.



Just be sure to take your time, and go over your score twice if you are having trouble tearing the plastic. It should be very easy to pull apart. If it isn’t, keep scoring.



In the end you will be left with perfect cuts that will help you achieve that realistic look when you set up that perfect fitment.