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MS-01D IHB System Preview

New product release coming soon!
The Oversliders Drift Works IHB System. Say goodbye to these annoying pillow balls on your MS, FS, and XXX without having to change your complete chassis!


What does IHB stands for?
IHB means “Idependent Hinge Block”. It is a simple efficient system we have created to replace the pillow ball type arms with hinge type arms, thus allowing you to use any aftermarket arms as wide as 33mm.
The hinge pin are 3mm in diameter and are retained by 2 set screws on each side of the block.


Why Independent?
Ever found yourself taking out your toe block out to adjust your Y arms and it inadvertently slips out of your hands, dropping your hinge, spacers, and ball sleeves, all over the floor? That always happens to us at least once, it’s Murphy’s law!
Well these days are over. Our system allows you to remove each pin independently to work on each arm one by one, without interfering with the other. Release the set screw, push your pin out, and done.





Estimated release is late December, early January. Hardware will be included and 4 colors will be available (Black, Gray, Red, and Blue). Y arms not included.
Stay tuned for more info very soon.