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MS-01D RWD Steering conversion is a go!

After extensive testing, the MS-01D finally gets a steering worthy for RWD.


The slide rack system drops right in the original placement of the front carbon deck. To install this conversion, you need to remove your diff/spool/one-way completely.
Once removed, install your low profile servo inside the frame with the included hardware. Some servos might require you to cut a rib on the front face with an exacto knife. Try using long servo horn to maximize your steering throw and you will be set.
Hardware included does not provide ball connectors. Choose those accordingly to your setup. Note this setup only fits Pro and VIP versions. RTR version can use this kit but will have to modify the center bulkhead to accommodate the slide rack to move freely.

You can buy the conversion directly from our site in the Steering Conversion section on the left menu. If you have any questions about this conversion or need detailed instruction on how to install the kit, contact us at oversliders@gmail.com.