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Lucho’s TCFD revamped with Weight Shift Tray

I had the pleasure to have Luis from Drift Unit let me borrow his TCFD to do a bit of work with it.

His chassis was already RWD but needed a bit of cleaning and could have used some improvement.
I designed a tray support frame for it to shift the weight up and increase momentum, as well as replaced the carbon steering plate by a 3D printed one with multiple adjustments.
The steering is still in the concept stage and need to be tested a bit further, but the tray is pretty much set in stone and will be available for purchase over the weekend.

Enjoy the pictures 😉

Here was the chassis in its CS form a bit before it was given to me. note that at the time I received it, it had a Novak Drift Spec system with a 13.5 motor (black sleeve)


And here it is after the revamping!

DSC_0046 DSC_0053 DSC_0052 DSC_0051 DSC_0050 DSC_0056

As usual the tray is adjustable in position and orientation thanks to the 20x20mm bolt pattern. This was printed with the purple filament I had in stock at the time. It is a bit on the light side under artificial light but looks great under natural light.
The steering link plate was very intricate to design as the geometry of the TCFD is one of the weirdest I have witnessed so far. I’m hoping this will bring an extra degree of adjustment to the Ackermann.
The weight shift tray has a 5mm honeycomb web so rigidity is almost as great as a carbon deck. Very little flex increase is noticed.
The black sleeve of the motor was customized with a new trick I learned over this past weekend. I used aluminum AC duct tape and sprayed it with Tamiya translucent purple. Once dried, I applied the tape over the motor and cut it. The result are quite promising as you can see.

thanks for reading and stay tuned for more cool projects.

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