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Yeah Racing Spec D Tires – A Good Budget “Outdoor” Tire

If you are familiar with Yeah Racing, you know how long these guys have been supplying the RC world with affordable Hop-ups! Well now, they are hitting us with some new Spec-D drift tires and we got a chance to test them out for you.

Here are our findings:


First, each combo comes with four rims priced at around US $12.50.  There are many attractive, original designs to choose from. However, the offset choice is very limited (+3/+6) because it is often proprietary to the wheel design. It’s not that big of a deal if you plan on bashing your car around.  But, if you are fitment-obsessed it will be a problem.

 DSC_0011 DSC_0012

The Spec-D tires look a lot like “diamond-cut” tires, but with a more aggressive cut angle and sharper inside radius. The tire has a flat-textured finish which provides a decent amount of slip/grip mix and has a nice, flat rubber look.


While installing them, I found the wheel/tire combo was actually oversized compared to regular 1/10 drift wheels. When I tried these tires on my Yokomo rims, I noticed a good 1mm diameter difference which cannot be compensated by the use of O-rings or conventional centering foam. Even with thicker foam, the tire has a hard time centering itself properly on other wheels, resulting in a wobble effect.   We had to stick to the tire/wheel combo as it came.  But as a combo, they do not even require centering foam because of their tight tolerance design.

 DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0018

As far as performance goes, my teammates and I had mixed reviews after testing them for 2 weeks.  Most of us found them to be too fast for counter-steer cars on carpet.  I happen to enjoy the speed I got when using 2 of them in the rear of my RWD D3, but that feel is not for everyone or for all the time.

The Spec-D is a difficult tire to tame. On carpet, the tires provide an insane amount of grip off the line.  But, they also break loose quickly making it difficult to get smooth lines out of them, even while running RWD. In contrast, they make a great candidate for any counter-steer or 50/50 chassis running on concrete or asphalt. The speeds are decent and the line becomes a bit more consistent. However, I would not recommend them for RWD if you plan on running tandems with counter-steer cars as the pace is going to be too slow to keep up.  However, if you are running two RWD cars on the Spec-D, you should be able to enjoy some slow pace tandem on black top asphalt.

Bottom line, the Yeah Racing Spec D combo is a decent option for rookie drivers drifting on asphalt or concrete, not carpet (oznite). It is also one of the most affordable wheel combo/sets in the market and is made of good quality (I cannot imagine one of these wheels breaking easily). The other cool thing is that Yeah Racing actually creates original wheel designs which is uncommon. Most companies tend to just stick to existing designs, slap some tires on them and call it a day.  But, Yeah Racing actually went the extra mile to keep things interesting. We would have liked to have more offset to fit our bodies with a more aggressive stance, but if you are looking for an outdoor budget tire, the Spec-D will meet your needs.

The cliche says “you get what you pay for”.  But at roughly US $12.50, the Yeah Racing Spec D Combo provides you with a decent product for folks starting in the hobby or who enjoy asphalt driving.

Quality & Durability: A
Design and Originality: B
Performance: C+
Bang for you Buck Factor (value): A

Final Grade: B-

To purchase the Spec-D tires from Yeah Racing, you can visit RC-Mart online.

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