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Sakura D3 Rear Battery Tray

Here is our rear battery tray for the Sakura D3 chassis.

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This product is a plug and play item which does not require any modification to your chassis.
Installation is done by removing the washers between the rear diffuser and the rear bulkhead.
Once removed, slide the tray in and put the original screws back in and done!

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What are the benefits of a rear tray?
– Increased traction
– 45/55 weight distribution (w/ shorty) instead of stock 65/35 (expect 40/60+ with full size battery)
– Smoother drift transition, especially in RWD setup

Full size and Shorty size available.
To place an order simply inquire in the form below and we will get back to you to finalize your order.


  • Tyler says:

    I have had my tray installed on my D3 for over two weeks and ran it for at least 6 hours and I thoroughly enjoy it. The design of it mounted perfectly to my D3 and I was able to use the O-rings that came stock with my D3 to secure the battery. At this time I am running a 6-cell NiMH and have no issues with the tray holding that style battery snuggly in place. This tray has helped with weight distribution and freeing up space on the chassis.

  • steve says:

    I ordered the rear battery tray for my sakura D3 and it looks absolutely amazing, the design and paint seem quality.

    The stock bands can be used to hold down your lipo (firmly) not all loose like the stock tray.

    I only ran it for a short bit but I think k it is going to be a great addition to my currently under construction sakura d3 cs.

    Thank you clement!

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