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Eagle Racing TT-02 GRT – “The most Bang for the Buck” to get into RC Drift!

I recently started taking my  daughter to the track with me and she started showing some interest in the hobby. So after a long time pondering (about 5 seconds) I decided I should get her something of her own to learn RC drifting (although it really was an excuse for me to try a new chassis).

My goal was simple: Look for a inexpensive chassis with most of today’s drift features (counter-steer, good steering, adjustability), as well as being decent enough to resell in case she looses interest in it. So the obvious choice was to go check out Broadtech HK for a decent product that would not break the bank.

I had seen their souped-up chassis all over the Internet and they all sounded too good to be true. So in an attempt to serve as your guinea pig, I purchased a TT02 GRT Drift Chassis.


Ordering the Goods:

Even though the chassis is only $130, the shipping fees were high… like $61 high, coming from Japan. Still, not too bad considering you’re getting a fully decked out chassis for $190 delivered to your door. Surprisingly, the package WASN’T EVEN THAT BIG! Dammit Broadtech! What’s in the box better be good now!


Thankfully, things got sweeter once into it. First off, the overall quality of this kit is really good. I had seen the R31 from Broadtech in the past and I wasn’t too crazy about it, but the overall quality wasn’t terrible either. However, I think this TT02 is a lot better. The plastic finish and the carbon fiber parts look good. The screws were all very tight and all you really have to do is slap your electronics and go. The chassis also comes with a diffuser similar to the one found on the Sakura D3, and it looks even better than its counterpart.

DSC_0054 DSC_0055


As shown on their site, the chassis has all the required adjustable parts to tune the chassis accurately. And to top it off, they add two extra sets of springs and one set of wheels and tires. The shocks are lower-end versions of high performance competitor products, so I did not bother testing them. The shocks looked like one of those parts you just know won’t perform well. Since shocks are a critical part of the chassis, I ended up upgrading to some TRF shocks I had laying around which changed the $130-ish chassis to a $300-chassis feel. To me, this is the best thing you can and should do to obtain optimal results. As far as the steering goes, it’s no question that Broadtech did their homework on steering wiper geometry. You get plenty of steering for enough counter-steer. The CS ratio sounded kinda weak, but considering that it was for an inexperienced person I figured it would be enough. Also, the chassis has a front one-way so I was confident the car would perform well on a tight layout as well.

collage collage1

Build & First Run:

For this build, I used some electronics I had laying around, which consisted of a Speed Passion Reventon R and a Tenshock X211 13.5, a Feetech FT5679M low profile servo, and an old Spektrum DX3. Installing everything wasn’t too bad. it’s a bit painful to fit all of this stuff on one side of the chassis, but I thought it worked out pretty well at the end.

Things got awesome when I took the first few laps on the track! I used some MST GA26 and FR-F hard (silver) tires. With no adjustment whatsoever on the geometry of the chassis, I was able to tandem with most CS cars on the track without struggling at all! I fell in love with the car instantly and let everyone at the track give it a try. The feelings were unanimous! This was the best TT02 to buy! I wasn’t sure I was going to hand this car over to my child, except for maybe one little thing.


The Crappy Stuff:

One notable thing (horrific thing, I must admit) that Broadtech did, was to use the same Tamiya metric 48 pitch gears they always use. The metric 48P gears are known to chew themselves out and scream like a bald eagle when spinning at high speeds! This chassis is just as loud (if not worse) as a TT01. I think Broadtech could have offered a universal spur holder to go standard 48P or 64P instead of that.  But again, nothing that can’t be fixed. I turned myself to the Tamiya website and ordered the TT02 high speed gears with the spur holder and swapped everything to 64P right away.  Things got a bit quieter on the power transmission side, but the helical counter-steer gears remain somewhat loud on their own.  Also, another con is that you are limited to Eagle Racing Counter-steer gears. I tried fitting the Active Hobby 2.0 Counter-steer gears but was not successful. Aside of that, there aren’t too many cons for this chassis.


The Awesome Stuff:

Honestly, I never thought I would ever say this but…I love this TT02! The quality is beyond the price you pay for and the capabilities of this chassis are really high. What is also baffling is the amount of steering travel you get out of the box. My overall experience was really positive. And, since I whored the car a lot, I can confirm the overall satisfaction of experienced drivers with this chassis.  The few days I spent running the car almost made me forget my daily chassis! That’s how much fun I was having. It really is a blast to drift, virtually no maintenance besides your usual bearing lube and cleanup.


Because of all these factors, I really think this chassis is very well suited for beginners, all the way to advanced rookies. It might get a bit boring once you become an advanced driver, but it will still be awesome to drive when you want to mix things up.

As for my daughter, well as I planned it, she somewhat lost interest in the whole thing for now.  But, I’m not planning to sell this car anytime soon. It’s way too much fun to get rid of it and I get to introduce people to RC drift with it which is one of my favorite things to do.

Final Grade: B

You can find the TT02 GRT Drift chassis on the Broadtech HK website by clicking on the link below. I hope you enjoyed reading my review and I hope it helps you get into RC Drift.

Link: Broadtech HK


  • Joer says:

    You’re review made me purchase this chassis! I’m a beginner and the CF and blue anodized parts was very attractive. I just received it and I was suprised it came assembled. I was wondering if the gearbox and differential are already lubed when stock? I’m a little hesistant taking it apart yet. I ordered a TT02 kit and I presume that won’t be assembled for me to learn how to build the chassis.

    • Clement says:

      Hey Joer,

      From the top of my head, I do not believe the rear gears were greased. I ended up adding my personal D-Like Silent grease but the bevel gears are loud by nature so it did not do much to quiet it down.
      It just lubbed them.
      I’m glad my review made you purchase this chassis, this is by far one of my favorite affordable chassis on the market, especially with the new FRD version now, it’s even more appealing.

  • Ron Ramos says:

    How did you guys order this product, the whole website is not in english…?

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