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Sakura D3 @ 3.58 CS (258%)

Hi all!

So I know I have been procrastinating on posting my chassis mods and specs so tonight I decided it was time to get serious and get into the details of it.

In this post I will share with you (in the best of my abilities) every parts and mods that I currently run as of today.


Let’s start by getting the electronic out of the way…

-1) Electronics:

ESC: Acuvance Airia (white carbon) (1)

Motor: Acuvance Luxon KG 10.5 w/ Red TF Jacket. (2)

Capacitor: Acuvance Chevalier Dash (3)

Servo: Savox 1251 MG low profile servo. (4)

Radio: Futaba 4PL (discontinued)

Receiver: Futaba R204GF-E (5)

LED Kit Brain Unit: ob1 V3.0 (6)

Misc: Acuvance 12Ga Pink wires, Acuvance 12Ga clamp, 4x14mm Female bullets (for Motor), 4×18 Male Bullets (for ESC), 2mm Female Bullets (for Capacitor), 2mm Male bullets (for ESC).


-2) Main Chassis:

Chassis Plates: 3Racing SSG Upper (7) and Lower (8) Decks.

Shock Towers: 3Racing SSG Front (9) and Rear (10) Towers.

Bulkheads: 3Racing Alloy Front lower (11) / upper (12) and Rear lower (13) / upper (14) Bulkheads.

Steering: 3Racing Steering Belcrank (15), Active Hobby Servo Strut Mount.

Suspension Mounts: 3Racing front FF+0 , FR+0 , RF+0 , RR+20 , HD pivot balls.

Battery Mount: 3Racing Transverse Battery Mount (16).

Belt Tensioners: 3Racing Aluminum Rear Bulkhead Bearing Housing Ver.2 (17)

Misc: Hiro Seiko Aluminum purple screws (soon to change to 3Racing pink screws)


-3) Front Suspension:

Lower Control Arms: Active Hobby Type C High Steering Y Arms (18), 3racing 4.8mm ball ends (19).

Upper Control Arms: Active Hobby Type C Upper arms (20)

Knuckles: Active Hobby Type C uprights (soon to change to uprights V2) (21), 3mm Shim up-top, 0.5mm shim below, 4.8mm pivot ball.

Dampers: 3Racing 50mm aluminum dampers (22), 1mm+0.5mm Shim on top, 2mm shim below.

Springs: 3Racing Purple Springs (23)

Shock Oil: Associated 20W

Misc: 3mm (2+1) washer between shock tower and bulkhead cover (to adjust caster more accurately)


-4) Rear Suspension:

Lower Control Arms: Stock

Upper Control Arms: Stock (turnbuckles)

Knuckles: 3Racing 0.5 degree Alloy Knuckles (24)

Dampers:  3Racing 50mm aluminum dampers (22)

Springs: 3Racing White Springs (25)

Shock Oil: Associated 10W

Misc: GPM TA06 Rocker arms (26), 3Racing 42mm turnbuckle, Hiro Seiko Purple Countersunk 2x10mm screws, 4.8mm Pivot Balls.


-5) Drivetrain & Pulleys:

Front Differential: 3Racing Front One Way

Rear Differential: 3Racing Alloy spool

Front CVDs: Active Hobby Adjustable CVDs (come with Active Hobby Knuckles) (shortened 5mm)

Rear CVDs: Stock

Input shats: Active Hobby D Cut Shafts (26)

Front Differential Pulley: 3Racing Alloy 40 Tooth Pulley (27)

Front Input Shaft Pulley to Front Diff: MST 10 Tooth (28) (sleeved with a 3mm bullet, grinded 1mm off one end)

Front Belt: Stock

Front Input Shaft Pulley to Center: 3Racing 14 Tooth Pulley (29)

Center Input Shaft Pulley to Front: 3Racing 12 Tooth Pulley (30)

Center Belt: Stock

Center Input Shaft Pulley to Rear Diff: 3Racing 23 Tooth Pulley (31)

Rear Differential Pulley: Stock

Rear Belt: Stock

Spur/Pinion: 106 Tooth 64 pitch/ 29 tooth 64 pitch


There you have it!

Besides these parts and basic mods, I constantly keep tweaking my chassis to adapt to conditions and track layouts.  Since I constantly run on carpet I usually run around -8° in the front and -5°. My tires of choice are the MST FR-F Hard in the front and MST GA26 Hard in the rear. Despite not giving you more details than that, I can still provide you with the rest of the shots taken for this write up with a couple other misc parts. I hope you guys will find what you’ve been looking for. And if you didn’t, feel  free to send me a message with your questions.

Enjoy the pics 😉


These are the 2mm bullets I use to swap capacitor on the fly. I also use cheap auto store carbon wrap to cover my Rx and LED brain box.


Sorry for the lint! lol. Nothing special here, just 3Racing calipers. You can also see the rear shock pivot position hole I use for the rocker arms.


Gotta love the Active upper arms! Be careful of your spur size when using these. If you go too big, you will rub on your arms button screw head.



I do not use the maximum steering capability of the chassis yet, but in the future I plan on trying a setup above 4.0 CS so it might come handy.


Keep Drifting Fun!


  • Tim says:

    If ur going so high in cs wouldnt it be worth going rwd

    • Not quite actually. I have tried a few RWD chassis, and even a high counter steer of that type still doesn’t feel nothing like RWD. Eventually I’d like to move above 4.0, and this might get close. My ultimate goal is to have a CS chassis that drives like a RWD without gyro, and be able to drift with my RWD buddies without issues.

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