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Active Hobby Strut Servo Mount “Pure Servo Mount Swag!”

So lately I have been paying a lot of attention to the details of my chassis and its cleanliness. from wire-tucking to components placement, I really try to push these limits as far as I can. One thing I hated above all was my servo mount since I was using some horizontal post I had modified to fit vertically. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Then I found out about the Active Hobby Strut Servo Mount.


It’s needless to say that looking at the picture from their blogpost, I was drooling all over my keyboard and I had to have it. I did get a bit suspicious about the compatibility shown on the description. Supposedly the mount only fits TT-02 and Yok DIB chassis. I did find this a bit weird and I figured if it didn’t fit, I’d make something up to make it fit.


The package comes with the three mount elements, four screws and a set of shims. I did not end up using the shims and the assembly was a drop fit right onto my Sakura D3. There really isn’t much to say besides the fact that it is a gorgeous mount! The laser etching on the aluminum is so nice and it really completes the chassis. The pink is spot on with the one of all the other Sakura alloys. The only thing to be mindful of, is that if you fit the servo vertical like in my case, you have to make sure it will fit and that the back of your servo will not touch the lower deck of your chassis first. In my case with the D3, I ended up using a 1mm shim because I am using a Feetech servo that’s a bit high for a low profile. Not a big deal, but just something to be mindful of when installing the mount.

20131105_204940 20131115_234627

Bottom line, I don’t think this mount can be topped off by anything out there. It is the best eye-candy you can put on your chassis. Plus the modularity of the mount allows you to mount your servo in virtually any position you’d like. I can confirm it fits on a D3 with no issues, but I cannot vouch for any other chassis. I am assuming everyone will need to do a test case. As for the price, this mount does cost quite a lot, but if you are borderless OCD like me when it comes to chassis, you won’t mind spending the $28.

Final grade: A+

Even though the price is high, I still gives this Hop-up A+ because it is just too nice and does what it’s supposed to do: attract the eye. You can find this item on Banzai Hobby right here, and you can also visit the Active Hobby website for more info (in Japanese).


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